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    since 1996

About us

Trgopek is a family company, founded in 1996 in Slovenske Konjice, a town in the north-eastern part of Slovenia. The company's product line is focused on the bakery industry. At first, the company worked mainly on installing and maintaining conveyer and driving belts. Later on, we started producing protective gloves and dough fermentation baskets, which are now our main products today. Through the years, we have acquired vast knowledge in terms of material selection, which is key knowledge when producing fermentation baskets. By constantly investing in production, and by expanding our range, we are today able to offer more than 150 types and sizes of fermentation baskets, which we export to more than 30 countries. With our modern production techniques, we can easily adapt to the wishes and demands of our customers - and, conversely, our customers are the driving force behind our development. We focus a lot on quality, maintaining the company’s high reputation, and we also focus on maintaining good and fair business relationships, so we are known as a reliable and affordable business partner that provides top quality. We work with a variety of customers including distributers, online stores, bakery and catering stores, bakeries, hotels and restaurants. We firmly believe that only hard work and constant improvement can provide good results.

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