• Welcome to trgopek

    Company Trgopek has been present in baking industry since 1996. With a modern production we can easily adapt to the wishes and demands of our customers and inversely our customers are the driving force of our developement.

  • We produce proofing baskets

    By constantly investing into production and by expanding our assortment, we are today able to offer more than 150 types and sizes of fermentation baskets, which we export to more than 20 countries.

  • Bake with our HygoBakegloves

    With our HygoBake gloves, we are launching a new generation of protective gloves on the market. Our gloves are an innovation in the field of baking safety and hygiene.

Assortment of products

The company’s product line is focused on baking industry. At first the company worked mainly on installing and maintaining conveyer and driving belts. Later on we started producing protective gloves and dough fermentation baskets, which are our main products today.

Proofing Baskets

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Wooden Products

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Hygobake Gloves

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Bacteriostatic Clothes

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Multiple Protection
Years of experiences

Try the new generation of baking gloves

We offer you 3 types of gloves with significant advantages compared to other brands. Each type is designed to suit the requirements of your work.

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